A Bright Idea and 3D Scanner

by mribera on February 3, 2012 · 0 comments

This week in the Hackademia Lab we constructed high-tech cards.

We learned the basic structure of a circuit and applied it to making our card light up with an LED. I made a pop-up card featuring a bright idea.

My card was designed to congratulate someone who had a bright idea.

One of the barriers we ran into is how to create a switch using the materials we were given. A few of us wanted our LEDs to light-up when the card was open. This would save the battery’s power while the card wasn’t being looked at.

A couple of solutions were tossed on the table:

  • Create a device that would slide into contact and close the circuit once the card was opened.
  • Install a manual on/off switch accessible to the card reader.

We didn’t have time to try either, but I’m eager to test them out!

Back stage: power source and copper tape.


In the bigger scheme of things, we’re going to be starting our projects soon. My group will be creating a 3-D scanner using a projector, a camera, an arduino, and some free software (DAVID-LaserScanner).

We have all of the needed components assembled and we’ll begin the construction phase in the next week!






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