Friends & kindred material

Sometimes we need a little help to kickstart our projects.
Here are some resources we’ve found helpful—maybe you will, too.





Instructables: We love reading Instructables to get new ideas for projects, and see how others have solved technical problems.

Metrix Create:Space: Metrix is a local hackerspace located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We often trek to Metrix to pick the brains of local hackers, attend workshops, or borrow tools.

Thingiverse: A universe of digital designs that can be made into real objects! We download objects from Thingiverse, tweak them, and print them using one of the Makerbots we built last year.

Hackaday: We read this when we are in need of hacking inspiration!

Spring 2012 Hackademia Code Jam: The course website for the Hackademia Code Jam.